Setup Cánón IJ Printer cánón.cóm/íjsétúp : Cánón Printer IJ Setup Guide

Go through cánón.cóm/íjsétúp to Set Up Cánón Printer. You can download a user-friendly interface to connect your newly purchased Ij printer with a device. Cánón ij setup is an all-in-one solution to configure and install your printer. Therefore, visit www.cánón.cóm/íjsétúp to start the Cánón Printer IJ Setup. To avoid issues during the process, follow the guidelines shown here.

Cánón.comijsetup - http //cánón.cóm/íjsétúp

cánón.cóm/íjsétúp is an independent platform where you can download and install Cánón printer drivers for setting up an inkjet printer on PC, Mac and smartphones as well. Cánón ij setup is the software available online at https //cánón.cóm/íjsétúp. Check complete guidelines to download, install and set up your Cánón inkjet printer.

Download and Install Cánón Printer Drivers software

Cánón printer driver downloads take a few minutes to install on any PC, where its essential to have good network connectivity on your laptop and printer as well. Below steps are mentioned to download Cánón printer drivers for inkjet devices;

  • Ensure your printer hardware is set up and connected to the same network connection as the laptop/PC.
  • Next, open a web browser, i.e., Microsoft edge or Chrome, and visit the cánón.cóm/íjsétúp website using a web address. Cánón support officials have offered the website link to guide you.
  • Cánón ij setup home page will prompt now, therefore select the “Set Up (Start Here)” tab to jump next.
  • See your printer’s front or top to find the Cánón printer model, then type carefully on the shown box. Or you also can select starting 2 letters (Printer model) from the given list below.
  • Moving ahead to the next page, select the correct system you currently use, like Windows, PC.
  • The download option at https://cánón.cóm/íjsétúp will appear now, so select an appropriate option to download Cánón printer drivers.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then locate the downloaded software file and double-click to begin the installation.
  • Then, accept the software license terms and choose your connecting type. If you have a USB cable, select the USB connection type and connect it. Otherwise, select another two options like wireless connection.
  • To complete the Cánón ij setup installation, follow on-screen instructions until you see the TEST PRINT window.


If you’ve just received your wireless Cánón product, how do you set up this Cánón printer wirelessly? Check below the complete guidelines to follow for wireless setup.

  1. Prepare your printer – Unpack your ij printer and configure it in a manner that can start or turn on your model.
  2. Download Cánón printer drivers – Go to http //cánón.cóm/íjsétúp and download the most updated version of Cánón drivers.
  3. Connect printer to WiFi – On your printer, press the WiFi button and release it when a steady orange flashlight appears.
  4. Push WPS button – After the orange light flashes, press the WPS button within 2 min on your wireless router.
  5. Wait for steady blue and green flashlights – When these lights lits, release the WPS button, which means your printer is connected to the wireless network.
  6. Cánón ij setup installation – Open the file you downloaded from cánón.cóm/íjsétúp and double-click to begin the installation.
  7. Select connection type – During Cánón ij setup, click “I Agree” when licensing terms prompts. Thereafter, choose Wireless Connection type.
  8. Finish the setup process – Follow the remaining steps on your installation window. When Test Print appears, close the window.